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On a lighter note… a couple (or so) Uganda travel stories.  First, the bus to and from Gulu.  This is a big tin can of a bus, crowded to the hilt, and careening down the road at ridulous speeds.  Every time we swerved to avoid a pot hole, you could feel the bus swaying to the side, and I had this fear we might go all the way over sometime.  We didn’t.  I sat crowded into this thing, with my knees pressed practically against my chest, in pain.  On the way back I stood in the aisle most of the way, just so I could feel my feet.  And HOT.  For some reason, there is an unwritten (I think) rule on Ugandan busses that the windows have to remain closed — all the way closed — while the bus is in motion.  It is stuffy, hot, smelly and just plain not nice, but there you go.  And you know what else?  Its a blast.  You should come to Gulu with me next time.

This morning I got on a smaller bus to travel from Masaka to Kampala, a two hour trip.  A common enough thing for me.  But today I watched in horror as a very, very (VERY) large woman entered and sat next to me.  I was squeezed between her and my (thankfully) very skinny (more than me even) friend Fredrick, who was basically plastered against the window.  To say I was uncomfortable doesn’t quite get there, but it’ll do.  And I PROMISE you, this lady expanded as we drove.  By the time we reached Kampala I, well, I can’t describe it…  My body is still not back to normal.

Finally, today I was in a hurry, and decided to take a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) through Kampala.  My driver went at a furious speed, among incredible crowds of people, cars, and other bikes.  Barely missing I don’t know how many others on the road.  MADNESS I kept thinking.  What possessed me to do this??  But I made it.  And it was a blast.  You really should try it.


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