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Adventures of the Way Family

Uganda 2014

In June, by God’s grace, I was able to travel to Uganda with Believers World Outreach — a team of 30 people from across the US. Together we ran medical clinics for the poor, ministered to orphans and street kids, and shared the gospel with many. We also encouraged pastors and enjoyed fellowship with Ugandan believers. It was a good trip, and I am grateful for the opportunity. The team was eager to serve and fun to get to know.

One of my highlights was working with our friend Fatuma. Fatuma was a part of our family when we lived in Masaka, and she always had a heart for the street kids who populate that town. In fact, she was once one herself, and had been rescued and given a new life through the grace of Jesus. Now she actively reaches out to kids of all ages, and has a home where some can come to get off the streets. She showers love and acceptance on them, and continually shares the truth of God’s love and grace. Our team spent an afternoon sharing the gospel and playing with the kids, and were so impacted by her ministry and by the kids in her care. It was beautiful to see the work of Christ in and through Fatuma, having known this dream in her heart for at least a decade.

In an unusually quick turn-around, I have the opportunity to return to Uganda again in late August. This time I will be traveling by myself. I have been invited to spend the first few days teaching in a pastors’ conference with my friend Israel Nabimanya. Israel has been a partner in ministry with me for more than ten years now, and it is always a joy to come alongside him. Most of the pastors we will be speaking to serve in churches that Israel helps to oversee, and some have gone through the school of ministry that we established together in the early 2000s. Conferences like these have a lot of potential, because the pastors who come do not get many opportunities to continue their training, or to be encouraged in the often difficult work to which they are called. Many serve in very remote villages, and they often feel isolated and alone. I consider this opportunity a great honor and privilege. The conference will be held in the far western part of Uganda, deep in the beautiful Rwenzori mountains. I also hope to be joined here by some of our other friends – Kasozi, Kintu, and Tushabe.

I will spend the second week in the town of Mukono, near Uganda’s capital city of Kampala. Here, I am scheduled to teach a class at Uganda Christian University, through an organization called Development Associates International (DAI). I will be working with students seeking a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. These students are Christian leaders from all sectors of life — education, politics, law, business, church, etc. I will spend the week teaching Christian Ethics, and then will spend the next six months e-mailing with the students as they continue the course-work by correspondence. This also is a tremendous opportunity to speak into and learn from a cross-section of signifiant Ugandan leaders.


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