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Thin Places, Prayer, and Punk Monks

Ancient Celtic monastic types used to refer to certain sacred spots as ‘thin places.’ Apparently, these were places that were devoted to prayer and where people felt a greater connection with God. We know that God is everywhere, and is always with us. We know that His glory fills the earth, and we don’t have to go anywhere to find Him. He is with me as I sit in a coffee shop typing this note. He is with you as you sit wherever reading it. But…

In his book Punk Monk, Andy Freeman admits to being pretty skeptical about the idea of special places — until he investigated further. It seems that the idea of sacred space is pretty common throughout Church history. In modern times, people all over the world are being drawn to Christ-centered prayer rooms in which they are encountering the Lord in wonderful ways. Even non-believers have attested to being aware of God’s presence in such places, and some have surrendered their lives to Jesus. I don’t really understand this, but I’ve become convinced that there’s something to it. For stories about how God is using prayer rooms around the world, go to www.24-7prayer.com.

We have a prayer room in West Tulsa, and as a boiler room community, our first desire is to fill this room with prayer. And to fill the neighborhood with prayer. And our city. And our lives. We’re making a start. There’s a corporate prayer time there every Tues through Friday morning at 7:00. Feel free to drop by sometime. In addition to this, we’re encouraging people to come in and pray for our city and the people in our community at any time. We’re also planning a full week of round-the-clock prayer. We’ll be giving more details about that in the coming weeks. This is just a start. Our desire is to become a praying people, a family centered around Jesus through prayer.

Why this? There is so much we want to do. We want to serve the hurting and down-and-out. We want to proclaim the Gospel and demonstrate the love of the Father. We want to make a difference, to see transformation. We dream of planting small churches of disciples who make disciples who make disciples. We are yearning for the Kingdom to be seen in our midst, and for the King to be glorified. And as we seek Him about all this, we believe we are hearing Him speak to us. And He is telling us to wait on Him. To not base our ministry and our lives and our church on doing this and that. He’s inviting us to pray, and to call others to pray. We know more will come, but for now we are content with this. We are desperate for the boiler room and all our outreaches to be His work. We are longing to be part of His dreams. So we pray. Jesus is our strength and wisdom. He is our reward. He is all and in all. He is our method, and He is our goal.

If you’d like more information on how to join us, please contact me, or just drop by the prayer room sometime at 2232 S Nogales Ave.

God bless you!


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