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The Gospel

We are called to know, believe, live, and proclaim the gospel. The gospel is God’s power at work, saving everyone who believes it (Rom 1:16). But we often truly do not remember what it is, or believe that it is really true.

The gospel is all about Jesus (Rom 1:3). I wonder if a total stranger came to the boler room consistently — to our teachings and our spuds and our social activities and worship nights — would it be obvious to him that Jesus is the reason we gather? That He is the center of our community? Of our individual lives? The gospel is all about Jesus — and our salvation and very life as a community of faith is built upon Him. At least, that’s what we profess.

Jesus is God’s very Son, and he became a man and lived a perfect life. In doing so, He revealed to us exactly what the Father is like. He also showed us how we as people are meant to live. More than that, He lived perfectly for us. He lived perfectly so that He could give us His perfection in exchange for our sin. And that’s what happened when He died. He made an exchange with us. We have His righteousness — His rightness — and all the rewards and benefits that comes with that. And He got our sin — and the punishment that came with that. This really is good news! He took our shame and guilt condemnation and brokenness. And we got His purity and wholeness and rightness. There is no condemnation for us now. Not for the sin you committed ten years ago, or the one you committed a minute ago — or even for the one you will commit tomorrow. No condemnation. No guilt. No shame.

Jesus rose from the dead. He conquered all that was darkest and most vile. He defeated death, and gave us the promise of eternal life. God Himself died and was buried in the tomb — the darkest and most hopeless situation imaginable — but He rose again. We are people of resurrection. People of hope. Jesus ascended to heaven. He is preparing a place for us, and for all who believe. We have a home with Jesus. We are family. He is interceding for us. He is praying for you. That’s pretty sweet. He also sent His Spirit to dwell inside of us. This is crazy. The very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives within YOU. Like, right now. And always. Even when you act like a moron (which, now that I think about it, is a really good reason to not act like a moron). Because of this, you can live a life of victory over sin. A life filled with things like love and joy and peace and kindness and faithfulness. A life of power and of witnessing to the reality of Jesus. Together, filled with the Spirit of God, we can reveal to the world what He is truly like. That’s crazy. But it’s our calling and our privilege and our purpose and our destiny.

Jesus is coming again. He’s going to make everything right. None of the evil in this world is going to survive. It’s days are numbered. Injustice of every kind. Poverty. Sickness. Violence. Hatred. Pain. Depression. Fear. You name it. It is overcome, and will be no more. Instead there will be joy and peace and goodness. There will be love and plenty and satisfaction. There will be true rest and true work and true relationship. True worship and true celebration. Because of this, you can take whatever muck life throws your way. The worst thing that will ever happen to you is absolutely nothing compared with the goodness and the wonder and the bliss that awaits you.

That’s the gospel, friends. I don’t think it’s really that we don’t know it. We just, kind of forget about it. We don’t think it’s relevant to our situation right here and right now. But it is! There is nothing more relevant to your current situation that the gospel! Think about that. I’m convinced that it is true.


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