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the Bridge Part 2: Details (Well, sorta)

Last week at the Bridge we talked about the heart behind who we are and what we hope to do: prayer, together, and mission. This week I want to begin exploring how we actually live out those passions and values. It’s a lot easier to be passionate about something than to actually act on those passions. Acting often requires sacrifice and disappointment, but it’s the only way to true fruitfulness.

The most important step in our actually doing something will be to pray. ‘You said that already last week! Where are the plans and strategies?’ Yeah, but there you go. Plan number 1: pray. Plan number 2: pray together. Plan number 3: listen and obey. (together). Our first need is to find time to gather and pray. Over the next few weeks, we will be listening for ideas about when, where, how often, etc. And we’ll start. So be checking in about that – and if you have suggestions, please let us know. Beyond prayer, I’m going to focus on a couple things: opportunities to serve and the mission of discipleship.

As far as opportunities to serve, well, they abound. Here’s a partial list of areas with which we’d love some help:

  • Hanging out with people, helping to prepare food, and eating. Not real hard – but we still need help. Every Thursday evening at 7:00 at Owen Park.
  • Mentoring kids from Eugene Field Elementary School. These kids are awesome, and you will love it.
  • Sports – taking kids to soccer games and cheering for them. Seriously. So much fun, and really needed.
  • Volunteer at the Westside Harvest market. This store is set up as a ministry / community center for the neighborhood. It helps residents by providing the only inexpensive shopping for basic needs in the neighborhood. It is also a terrific opportunity to meet people and develop relationships.
  • Pray. Yep, I had to get that in here again. Prayer walking. Coming to the prayer room and praying over the pictures of people in the community. Prayer is great outreach.
  • Other. You can pretty much fill in this one.
  • If you’d like more information about how to connect with any of these, please let me know.

    The mission of discipleship. Most of what’s listed above are great ways to build relationships, and that’s really what our mission is all about – people. The next step is to follow the directive of Matthew 28:19-20 and make disciples. Help people to be reconciled to Jesus, get to know Him, and grow to be more like Him. This involves an intentional process of looking for hungry hearts, meeting with them to discuss the words of Jesus, gathering together in small groups for accountability, teaching, corporate prayer and worship, etc, and sending them out to do the same. We do this through d-groups and through multiplying ‘simple church’ where people live and gather. We yearn to see the Kingdom of God manifested through small groups of friends joining together to deepen their walk with Jesus and help others who are not yet walking with Him. We want our Friday night gatherings to be a chance to experience this, but also to be an opportunity to be trained and encouraged in beginning new groups throughout the city.

    Pray with us for the Kingdom of God to come to our city, for His will to be done here, and His glory revealed. Pray for workers for His harvest. And maybe you’ll find that you can be part of the answer to your own prayers.


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