Tim and Jill Way

Adventures of the Way Family

Summer 06

Philip.jpgMy son Philip turns two tomorrow. He’s so a wesome. He’s kind of an all-boy kid, and a definite two year old. A ton of fun. He’s a great wrestler and smiler. Oh, and in case you didn’t know — we’re expecting our fifth in January. How cool is that???

This summer has been great. The three weeks in Uganda were amazing in a lot of ways. One thing that I’ve been thinking about as I look back on that is this: We had the amazing honor to bring the light of Jesus into some dark circumstances and some dark places. From rural villages around Masaka to slums in Jinja to IDP camps in the North, our enemy is dominating the lives of millions of precious people. It can really be overwhelming. Often the question comes up, what are we really doing? Can we really dare to think that we’re doing anything significant?  There is so much darkness.  But I keep doing it because I believe God is telling me to. Its obedience. And that leads me to simply trust. It doesn’t make a lot of since, but Jesus gets glorified and brings people to Himself through us.  Its so incredible.

Back in the US we’re part of a church plant in Royal Oak, MI. And boy is there darkness here too. But its been so cool. I get to lead a Bible study and discussion every Monday night for people who are seeking spiritual answers. Its amazing. Jesus is in the process of revealing Himself to some incredible people who are seeking for truth. I love it.


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