Tim and Jill Way

Adventures of the Way Family


Recently some of the Boiler Room guys and I were sitting together on a Friday morning eating donuts and drinking coffee – part of our weekly routine. (As a side note, I just want to say that we do Church on Friday mornings at Daylight Donuts just as significantly as Sunday mornings in a pew – but that’s probably another topic altogether). Anyway, as we were talking about life and God and women, Ruthie walked in. Ruthie lives in the neighborhood, and we’ve known her for about a year. Ruthie. Ruthie is a character. She is probably around 60 years old, but honestly it’s hard to tell. She is often drunk or drugged when we see her, and she is always begging for money, and she always has a pathetic, sad look on her face. We usually hug her, pray for her, share some coffee with her, and listen to her stories. Sometimes we give her money, not knowing if it’s really a good idea. Sometimes we don’t, not knowing if that’s a good idea either. We like Ruthie. Some of our community have spent significant time praying for her, wrestling against the addictions and burdens that bind her. Before this day, it had been a few months since we last saw her.

But this day was different from all the others. Actually, I feel tears welling up in my eyes as I type this. Ruthie was BEAMING; joy glittering in her eyes and filling every word. She told us that Jesus has changed her. She confessed that in the past she had told us many lies, and had been addicted to drugs. She also told us that she had reached the bottom, and had even been put in jail briefly. But when she got on her knees and surrendered to God, He began leading her on a path to freedom. She has been sober and free from drugs for 3 months, and every word was filled with thanksgiving to God. She has a job. She has life! After she left, we all realized that for the first time she hadn’t asked us for anything. Ruthie is a new person. To God be the glory!


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