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Adventures of the Way Family


By God’s grace, I had the amazing privilege and joy of traveling to Reynosa, Mexico with three friends from the Tulsa Boiler Room, from March 24-28. We went as a scouting and prayer team to check out the possibility of sending a missionary there to begin a missional and discipleship community. We are very encouraged.

Emily Sengel lived in Reynosa for a year and a half as part of a team lead by Zach and Kelly Tietsort, missionaries from Believers Church. About a year ago, they pulled out of Mexico and returned home. Since that time, Emily has become a valued part of the Boiler Room community. Over the past year we have seen the Lord continue to grow the dream in her heart of returning to Reynosa to again live and share the love and truth of Jesus.

The focus of Emily’s mission there is a walled in city block known as “the Zone of Tolerance,” or simply Boystown. Everything within these walls is governed by the Mexican mafia, and prostitution and drugs are legal and open. Emily’s heart is for the women who are trapped here, staggering through life in a haze of drugs and alcohol and sex and bondage. She has come to see the heart of Jesus for these women, and has found beauty in this dark and ugly place.

While there with Emily in March, our team had the opportunity to meet Flora (not her real name). For 31 years, Flora lived a life of prostitution and drug addiction. Emily met her in Boystown several years ago, and they became friends. Before moving away from Mexico last year, Emily knew that Flora had left Boystown to check herself into a Christian rehabilitation center – but nobody had much hope. She had done similar things many times before, only to end up back in Boystown soon after. But this time things were different.

When we met Flora, we encountered a woman filled with joy to the point of bursting. The first thing she wanted to do was share her testimony with us. She told us how she had known about Jesus before, and that she knew Kelly and Emily were praying for her, but she wasn’t interested. Eventually, with life full of suffering and despair, in desperation she went to the rehab center. The first six months were awful, but at that point she had a vivid dream in which the Lord showed her that she is a new creation. From that moment on she has been following Jesus.

One day while we were there, Flora went into Boystown with Emily and Laura, another of our team members. Inside Boystoown, she approached the women and passionately told them how Jesus loves them. She told them how she also used to be in the same situation as they, but Jesus transformed her life, and He can do the same for them. It was beautiful, and the answer to countless hours of tear-filled prayers.

More than anything I could express, Flora’s story captures what we are dreaming for Reynosa and Boystown. We long to see many former prostitutes and former alcoholics and drug dealers and pimps rescued from destruction by the power of God. We long to seem them ablaze with the love of Jesus and, filled with compassion, going back into the darkness to bring others out. The Boiler Room is committed to raising up a team to live incarnationaly in Mexico with Emily and labor there with God in His great work of redemption. We would really appreciate your prayers as we seek to hear and obey what the Lord is calling us to.


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