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Adventures of the Way Family

Recent Favorite Kid Quotes

MeHannah, stop talking.
: I’m not talking.  I’m just telling you something.

Philip: (while playing with my hair):  Daddy, I’m just trying to make your hair not look like a girl.

Philip:  (with disappointment) Daddy, your muscles are kinda soft…
… and floppy

(with excitement)  … but look at mine!  They’re really hard!

Philip and Hannah had been watching a show about having a “special place.”..
Philip, what’s your special place?
: On the couch, playing the game boy.
: Hannah, what’s yours?
Beside Philip.
(thinking):  awwwww….  So cute!
Ewwww..  get away from me Hannah!

Philip:  Peter’s family night is the day the playoffs start!
:  Ok, that’s just weird.

Hannah (as Mary) to the wise men (scowling):  The baby doesn’t need those things

Philip was playing a game (Loaded Questions) with the Boiler Room.  Everyone had to fill in the blank for this statement:  “The world owes me _________.”  Philip immediately got up and came over to me.  As I was thinking about how to explain this sentence to him, he whispered in my ear, “How do you write ice cream?”  (I love this kid.)

Jill:  What are you thankful for Hannah?
Hannah:  I’m thankful that my Daddy loves me.

And by the way… Hannah’s current favorite song?  “This Means War!” by Petra.


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