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Ministry to the Poor and Homeless

Last Thursday we had a special evening with our friends on the street. One of our Boiler Room couples provided an amazing meal — pork tenderloin, mixed vegetables, mac and cheese, and apple pie. It was crazy good. After our Bible study, instead of lining up for food as usual, everyone was seated at a table. The food was brought out and put on the tables family-style, and a group of teenagers served everyone, being sure to keep the hot food piled high. So there we were — sitting at table and eating together. Homeless and middle class. Jesus-followers and seekers and uninterested. Addicts and students and old and young. It was beautiful. I squeezed in between my son, Philip, and my friend, Doug. Doug has been on the streets for a long time. He’s an admitted alcoholic, and is frank about his lack of willingness to give up the bottle — though he told me tonight that he is thinking that he may need to change his mind about that. I’m praying that the relentless pursuit of Jesus will eventually penetrate his heart.

Robert, a Thursday night regular, has been coming to Boiler Room events for the past six weeks or so, including our Tuesday evening Bible teaching and discussion. He is an eager participant, and seems determined to leave behind his old life of drugs, alcohol, and immorality, and to follow Jesus. He’s been making some poor choices lately, unfortunately, so please pray for him.

Our biggest event of the year is fast-approaching. We’ve spent every Thanksgiving for the past six years (this will be number seven!!) with our friends on the streets. This year we will set up in a downtown parking lot, and hang out for a good part of the day. We’ll have sandwiches, desserts, and hot drinks (there are several other options for full Thanksgiving meals downtown). We are also planning some games, and are bringing a big tv with us so we can watch football together. And we’ll pray and worship, and one of our friends from ORU is going to share a gospel message. Please pray that all who come feel the welcome of the Father, and that the gospel message touches the hearts of all who are there — and that some give their lives to Jesus. That would be so fantastic!


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