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Leadership Development

Last Friday we had the great joy of graduating and ordaining Seth Kittinger, one of the young men who was part of the Transit discipleship program I led seven years ago. Since that time, Seth has continued to develop as a follower of Jesus and as a leader. One of my great joys in life right now is administering and teaching in the Antioch School, together with my friend Gyle Smith from Believers Church. This is a church-based leadership training program and accredited seminary. Seth recently completed work on his Certificate of Ministry. We currently have four other students who are working on Masters Degrees, along with fourteen others who are auditing — going through the classes, but not earning credit.

In addition to the graduation, the leadership of the Tulsa Boiler Room agreed that it was right for Seth to be recognized through ordination from our body. What an amazing joy to have been part of his journey over the past seven years, and to continue to serve side-by-side with him in kingdom endeavors.

As the Boiler Room, and in partnership with Believers Church, we are also operating the Vision Course, a young adult discipleship program through 24-7 Prayer. Seth is giving primary leadership to this ministry, and it is my joy to support him and serve in different ways. One of my favorites is through coaching the students in the outreach piece of the program, and meeting with them on a weekly basis to dream and discuss how Jesus might want to use them to touch the city of Tulsa.


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