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My last few days in Uganda were spent in Jinja — site of the Nile’s Source and the Palmer Tribe. Adam and Michelle Palmer are missionaries from Believers Church who went to live in Uganda in February of this year. They moved to Uganda when it became clear that this was the only way to secure the adoption of little Francis Sterling — after three years of heart-wrenching struggle. How good it was to see the family together as it should be!

Adam and Michelle’s heart is to be part of bringing the Father’s love to the lost and alienated of Uganda. To expose the orphan spirit’s deceit through the Spirit of adoption. Their story in itself is a beautiful living parable of the Gospel — a family leaving their home and comforts to bring a precious child into their family. The transforming of one seemingly insignificant orphan into a much loved son who is worth pursuing. Sound familiar? Is this not our Father’s heart for each of us, and for the world?

As the Palmer clan seek to engage in incarnational mission in Uganda, there are many challenges. As they strive to live out the great truths of adoption and acceptance, of grace and truth, they long for their lives to be a powerful proclamation of the Gospel. And they are doing it. After being in Uganda for less than five months now, they are still in the stage of trying to be at home in a place where everything… EVERYTHING is very different and strange to them. They are pursuing friendship and contentment in Uganda while terribly missing friends and family and all the joy and familiarity of home in America. They are learning to lean on their new friends in Uganda — like Rose, Jennifer, and Gerald, who work in their home and are becoming part of their family, and their fellow missionaries who are graciously helping to show them the ropes — while at the same time longing for their old ones in the States. I can tell you from experience that this is a constant and often overwhelming emotional struggle. Adam and Michelle are determined, and God’s grace is all over them, and I know they’re going to make it. Still, this would be a great time to lift them up in prayer.

My time in Jinja was refreshing and full of fun and the warmth of friendship. We laughed a lot and prayed and worshiped and cried a little and played with the the amazing Palmer kids — Emma, Noah, Dorothy, Sterling, and Charlotte. We drank some good Ugandan coffee, toured the metropolis of Jinja, and stayed up (really) late talking. So good! On Saturday my old friend Deo drove me to the airport, and I began my journey home. It’s so good to be back with Jill and the kids now! I left Tyler and Seth in Uganda with the Palmers, and it was a tough parting for me. I really appreciated these friends and sons as they followed me around Uganda and entered into my old life. Keep it up guys… you’re doing awesome!

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