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Jesus at Caribou

I love Monday nights.  A group of us gather in Caribou Coffee every week and talk about the Bible.  Right now we’re going slowly through the book of Mark, because we want to learn about Jesus.  We’re an improbable assembly, that’s for sure.  Homeless men chatting with the owner of a big beautiful house.  The intellectual conversing with the simple.  The manager with the unemployed.  New believers and older ones and plenty of agnostics.  Some like to swear, and several have to go outside for smoke breaks.  Some are trying to stay clean after falling into the lure of drugs.  One guy is an evangelist waiting to happen.  All are interested in finding out who Jesus really is.  We all want to know Him.  Some of us are learning that we know a lot less than we thought, or at least that what we do know isn’t nearly as impressive as we supposed.  Others are finding out that they’re not as far off as they imagined — that Jesus really is near to them, and in some ways more like them than they’d have ever believed.  It’s so cool.

I love it when we gather prayer requests at the end, and then take them to prayer.  Talking to Jesus and reaching out for his help and his presence.  Knowing that if he doesn’t do something we’re doomed.  I’m really coming to love these people.  I find myself trying to think how I can hang out with them at other times too.  I’m praying for them.  This week we were in Mark 3, and talked about Jesus appointing the twelve apostles, and then about Jesus and Beelzebub.  I love what it says in Mark 3:14:  “He appointed twelve… that they might be with him, and that he might send them out to preach…”  Jesus wanted to just hang with these men, and then to send them out to tell others about him.  To be part of his amazing work.  And he’s making that same ridiculous offer to us.  Man.

I’m so hungry for my life to count for Jesus.  It’s awesome that he’s called me to be with him.  It’s beyond amazing.  He likes me!  He wants to hang with me… not just in a prayer closet, but all the time — at basketball games and at home and definitely at Caribou.  But he also wants to let me work with him in the thing that is closest to his heart — saving the lost.  Making disciples.  Changing the freakin world.  Whoa.  I’ve been thinking like this:  If Jesus really is inviting me to be part of this, I want to give it my all.  I don’t want to hold back, or to be weighted down by the need for comfort or by my own desires or by sin or by preferences or anything.  He is so incredible, and I want to go all the way for Him.  Thank you, Lord!


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