Tim and Jill Way

Adventures of the Way Family

Hannah Namuli

On the first of Dec, I got a phone call saying that my wife was in the hospital about to have our baby — two months early.  I was in Africa.  Crud.  Since that day I have:hannah5

gotten my butt back to Michigan

found my wife still in the hospital, but not having delivered

spent a week living between the hospital with Jill and home with the kids

joyfully welcomed Jill home from the hospital — expecting the baby to go full term now

rubbed Jill’s head while she endured an emergency c-section a week or so later

hannah9welcomed Hannah Namuli in the world.  (isn’t she gorgeous??)

spent nine days going back and forth to the hospital again before Hannah was sent home with us

had an electrical fire in our kitchen, which lead to the arrival of four screaming fire trucks and an uncountable horde of personality-deprived fire-fighters.  the previously violent fire extinguished itself just before their arrival.  we lived for four days without a stove.

hannah4experienced God’s provision with unexpected hot meals delivered to our door when our best prospects had been cold sandwiches.

hosted a Ugandan student friend in our home over Christmas break

took care of my wife through a kidney infection, which came during the c-section recovery.

shared cups of coffee with some of my favorite people

hannah7celebrated Christmas with another uncountable horde — this one fortunately with significantly more personality

experienced God’s grace and victory in all that the devil meant for bad…

and so on.


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