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I’m writing this from Gulu in northern Uganda.  Some quick background:  A rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army has been terrorizing this region for nearly 20 years.  The last two evenings I have visited “night commuter centers.”  People come from their homes to sleep in these places.  They come because they are afraid if they stay in their homes the rebels will come and kill them or abduct them.  They especially abduct children, from ages 7 and up.  They raise the boys to be soldiers, and the girls they give as wives to the men, and force them to do hard work.  They also make them into soldiers.  They are forced to do unspeakable things.  The girls are given as wives when they are as young as 12.  The centers are basically safe, and so people come to sleep.  They come every night, sleep on the floor with just a small blanket, in a room crowded with many other people.  One man told us he hasn’t had privacy with his wife for 2 years.  Others told us that young girls often get pregnant in such conditions.  I spoke with a boy of 12 who has been sleeping in the center every night for about 4 years.  He started coming with his family after they saw dead bodies on their road of people who had been killed by the rebels.

I went to a place where people who were abducted and rescued are received and helped.  A child of 13 was kidnapped about 3 years ago.  He was taken with his uncle.  The uncle was forced to carry a heavy load, and when he wasn’t able to do so anymore the rebels forced this boy to kill him.  Ten or eleven years old!!  Such stories are COMMON here, if you can get your brain around that.  It happens all the time.  There is so much more to say, but I’d better stop now…  to be continued later


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