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Good Friday

It’s Good Friday. Words fall pitifully short in trying to express what this day means to us.

We commemorate today because Jesus died on the cross for people like you — whatever you perceive ‘like you’ to mean. The failures. The successful. Smart ones. Not so smart ones. Good people. Bad people. Poor. Rich. Happy. Sad. Leader. Not a leader. Important. Insignificant. Loved. Abandoned.

Jesus died on the cross for people like you.

I’ll take it a step further. He died for you specifically. I try to wrap my head around this one, and it can be so tough. But I know it’s true, even though I can’t comprehend it. Don’t know how it works. He died for you. The stuff you’ve done played a significant part in putting Jesus on the cross. Your immorality and your pride and your hatred and your drunkenness and your self-righteousness and your lying and your greed and your selfishness. Jesus went to the cross because you desperately needed Him to do something. Without Him intervening in an extreme way, you had no hope. Jesus went to the cross for you.

Jesus willingly allowed Himself to be tortured on the cross because He loves you. Not just you plural — but you. You! He wants you to be reconciled with the Father. He wants to be with you eternally. You are not hard for Him to love. He genuinely and sincerely likes you and cares about you. Yes, about you! You’re not too exasperating for Him. Too dull. Too lazy. To weak or evil or mediocre. You’re not too annoying or too far gone or too pathetic or too insignificant.

And His love makes all the difference. Some of you are going through tough stuff right now — and I don’t know how it’s all going to turn out in the short term (as in this life). But I do know that His love makes it ok. His love is so great and wonderful that the trials you and I face pale in comparison. His love sent Him to the cross. For you. How can anyone love you like that? How can the One with such impossibly high standards love you like that? I really don’t know. But He proved His love on the cross. What more can He do to convince you? Some of you are doing great right now, and are excited about life. All that you have is a gift of His love, and only His love makes anything significant or worth your attention. Rejoice in His love.

Jesus went to the cross because He loves you deeply and genuinely.

I’ll take it one step further. Jesus went to the cross for us. He died so that you and I can be united as one. He died for a bride. A body. A family. He died so that we can love each other. Jew and Gentile. Liberal and Conservative. Fundamentalist and emergent and charismatic and traditional. Cavaliers and Longhorns and Tarheels. Artists and business people and young and old and black and white and rich and poor.

Jesus died on the cross to make us one. His death makes us a family. Me and you.

Jesus died on the cross for just your kind of people.
Jesus died on the cross for you.
Jesus died on the cross for us.

Jesus died on the cross for me, because He loves me so much. Wow.

I am praying today that the Father convinces you even more of His love for you. I know we tend to doubt it… But Jesus died for you! He loves you!



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