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from London

So I’m at Heathrow airport in London, where I intend to spend the night before getting by butt home to my family tomorrow! I’m pretty worked up about that. Uganda… Man, it was good to be there. Dang good. I almost feel like a different person there. I see God in a different way, get to know Jesus in a different way. Can’t really explain it. As I sit around and drink coffe back home in America, I grab hold of lofty visions of what I’m gonna do for God.

In Uganda my perspective changes. Hang the confounded vision! What about PEOPLE? That’s what God cares about. People that are suffering because of a stupid war in northern Uganda. The mothers and fathers who live with the agonizing knowledge that their sons and daughters are living hellish lives in the hands of ruthless rebels. My friends, faithfully serving the Lord and His people in the midst of hardships and challenges that I can barely fathom, yet doing so with joy, humility, and gratitude. The list goes on.

Of course, there are plenty of people back home. People with their own set of challenges and problems. People “without God and without hope in this world.” I just need to learn to see them. Or to learn to see them the right way, as Jesus does. Man, it is such an incredible thing to follow Jesus, and to get hold of how HE sees the world. And my blogs are too long. Sorry. Jill — I love you, you Awesome Woman!


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