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Following Dreams

The Boiler Room is dreaming.  Beautiful, sacred, Kingdom dreams.  I am energized and inspired.  And I am wondering.. how do we move from dreaming to seeing?  The generation that left Egypt with Moses never saw their hopes turn to reality.  On the day of their redemption, as they crossed the sea on dry land, there were dreams living in their hearts.  Dreams of the Promised Land.  Dreams of victorious battles and being free and owning land and displaying the glory of God.  And though these things all did happen, this generation missed it.  I don’t want the tragedy of un-lived dreams to haunt my days.  By the grace of God I long to embrace the risk and the adventure of living the wild and beautiful and ridiculous dreams of Jesus.  Here are a few beginning thoughts on how we can do this together:

1. Let’s keep remembering. We don’t usually decide one day to cancel our dreams.  It’s much more likely that they die a slow and subtle death.  We get distracted.  We forget them.  Jesus said “the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.”  As the years go by we gradually exchange those dangerous Kingdom dreams for safer more worldly ones.  If we notice it at all, we call this process maturity.  To me it is sad.

2.  Let’s embrace sacrifice and suffering. It has been my experience that dreams with the power to exhilarate and inspire will live or die in the mundane and the painful.  We need to be determined to persevere.  We must willingly endure boredom and discomfort, along with fear, doubt, loneliness, lack of support, and all kinds of physical and emotional anguish.  We need tenacity.  Faithfulness over the long haul.  Sometimes this means years.

3.  Let’s pray.  A lot. Paul advises that we “pray hard and long” (Eph 6:18).  We must rely on the power of God.  His is the major part.  Again, Paul warns, “You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own” (Eph 6:13).  If we are determined to trust and to persevere, we can be assured that God will bring about His plans.  Abide in Him.  Seek Him.  Live in Him.  Let us continually offer up our dreams to the Father, and trust Him to have His way.

4.  Let’s do it together. Dreams are for the body as a whole.  Individualism doesn’t work here.  Sometimes this means we have to lay down parts of our personal dreams as we champion those of our friends.  Trust.  Love.  Sometimes we have to be vulnerable and speak out the passions of our hearts.  Let us encourage one another, and continue to stir up the dreams that our companions on this journey have shared with us.

I love dreaming Holy Spirit dreams with my brothers and sisters in Jesus.  What do you all think?


2 Responses to “Following Dreams”

  1. Paul says:

    Joel 2.28 I will pour out my spirit on all flesh…your old men shall dream dreams. Even old guys like us get to dream God’s dream. The dreams that God gives us will come to pass, it’s just like Misty Edward’s song, “just don’t give up and don’t give in, if you don’t quit you win.” Great Website!!

  2. Wendy Selvig says:

    Love this post. Is where I am at right now. I’ve had so many dangerous Kingdom dreams and then look at my life and I’m so comfortable. Lately I look at my comfortable house, happy family, lovely church, lovely mountain view outside my home and find myself desiring dirty streets, hungry kids, hopeless situations. Even if I didn’t feel a “call” towards dangerous Kingdom dreams, I know my God would support every step if I chose to go forward on my own to support His Kingdom. My biggest problem has always been feeling not connected or supported by my very large church and could we do this kind of stepping out on our own if we had to. Yes, I know the answer to that question. The question I don’t have the answer for is what will it take to get us to take the big step, unplug from where we are and “just do it.” Great post!