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God has called us, as His representatives in our city, to reach out to the lost and broken, and to minister to the needs of the poor and oppressed.  This is a calling for all of us as the people of God.  Many in the Tulsa Boiler Room are actively involved in ministry to the lost through a variety of means, and we want to champion all of this.  Others have dreams in their hearts planted there by God, and we want to help cultivate and support these Kingdom endeavors.  In addition to that, God has given us the ministry of Owen Park Outreach (OPO) as a practical and meaningful way of impacting the marginalized of our city.

There are a number of ways you can play a significant role in the ministry of OPO. If you are not actively engaged in other intentional outreach efforts, we want to strongly encourage you to commit to some level of service with OPO.  This does not simply come from a place of need within OPO, but from a conviction that God is calling us to live out his mission right here in Tulsa, and that it is an important component in our discipleship.  Following are some possible areas of commitment:

1         Welcoming:  Be intentionally ready each week at spuds or Tuesday nights to welcome and engage friends who come from OPO.

2         Attending: Participate in the Thurs bbq regularly and help to build a family atmosphere.

3         Serving.  This looks like committing to one of the following at least 2 times per month:

  • Being available to serve in whatever way needed from 5:30 – 9:00.  Could include:  loading up at the McIntyres’, giving rides, setting up, grilling, helping in line, interacting with people, participating in circle time…
  • Being available to serve in whatever way needed from 6:30 – 10:00.  Could include:  leading or participating in circle time, tearing down at park, giving rides, unloading and doing dishes at the McIntyres’
  • Shopping sometime before the event

4         Praying:  Commit to prayer for OPO on Wednesdays and / or on Thursdays (perhaps before heading out to park, or praying while the ministry is happening)

5         Giving:  In order to financially support this ministry, contact us at tulsaboiler@gmail.com, or see Rachel McIntyre or Katie Bleeker.

6         Discipling: (any of the following)

  • Weekly d-group with OPO friend (OPO leaders can help to set this up)
  • Checking in by phone / getting coffee a couple times a month with someone
  • Volunteering to help someone in practical ways:  giving rides, mentoring in specific areas (finance, health, time, …), etc.

Please pray about this, and ask the Lord to lead you into a clear commitment.  Allow Him to challenge you and to stretch you.  This is good!


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