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Adventures of the Way Family

Bushenyi and Kabujogera

Hello friends! How to describe these past days. Wow.

On Wednesday morning we awoke early, and by 6:30 were bouncing along towards the western city of Mbarara and beyond. At 9:30 we enjoyed a Stoney (my favorite soda ever) in Mbarara, and shortly thereafter were off the main road heading into the mountains. We reached Kansenene in time for lunch, and enjoyed a real African feast. Matooke, rice, kalo (millet), p.nut sauce, meat, cabbage, and more.. all served up with true Ugandan hospitality. If you haven’t experienced it, trust me — we have a lot to learn.

Kansenene is the home of my friend Pastor Israel. Israel has been serving as the director of the ministry we began in Uganda, Believers School of Ministry (BSM). It was great to be in his home and with his wife and kids. By God’s grace, he moved to this village a couple of years ago, and re-opened the church that had been pastored by his father before he passed away. Now they are also building a clinic to care for the medical needs of the surrounding villages. That afternoon and the next morning were filled with praising Jesus and studying His Word, as friends from several churches in nearby villages joined us for a special ‘seminar.’

On Thursday after lunch we headed off to Kabujogera — one of my favorite places in the world. We held a school here a number of years ago, and have many friends — especially our hosts, Pastor Robert and Edith. Israel, being the crazy (and wonderful) mountain man that he is, decided we should drive there on a short-cut through the heart of the mountains. Two and a half hours of bone-jarring bouncing and heart-lifting beauty later, we pulled up to Pastor Robert’s home. It was amazing… I was thinking, ‘this used to be my life… I used to take journeys like this with Israel and Robert and Kayita regularly. With Kintu and Tushabe and Kasozi. Was that really me?’ Oh Uganda! I had forgotten how much it could hurt, and also how beautiful and fun it could be… especially when Israel’s jeep was picking its way up and down foot paths and through banana plantations.

The next few days were exhausting and wonderful. Pastor Robert had organized a conference with the churches he oversees, and this enabled me to see many of the pastors and others we have helped to train over the years. Many of these have become friends. Some have hosted me in their homes during previous journeys through the mountains. David, who pastors a church we helped to plant with an ORU team five or so years ago, and his sister Scovia. Pastor Kaazi — full of joy as usual. Bamu with the thoughtful and deep questions. Besigye and his new bride. Mugisha still dozing when I teach. Ruth and Mama Bob, serving and working so hard. Many others.

On Saturday afternoon we climbed a mountain. Five years ago I had climbed this mountain with Israel and David, but we didn’t reach the top because it was getting dark. After greeting me this time, the first thing David asked was if I was ready to finish what we started, and I was excited! It was tough, let me tell you… but words cannot even begin to express the sheer beauty and the joy of the exertion with special friends.

It has been super being here with Seth and Tyler. They are doing great, and have been a joy. I’ve seen God using them to be a real blessing, and am also seeing our Father do a great work in them.

Well. thanks for reading this. Today we are in Masaka, and tomorrow off to Kyabazala for a school of ministry graduation. After that, we are so excited to be with the Palmers in Jinja!!


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