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What is the Tulsa Boiler Room?

We are a people centered on Jesus and passionate about His mission in the world.  We are friends journeying together, yearning to become true family.  We are a local church.  We are a mission team.  We are a 24-7 Prayer community, part of the international boiler room network.  We are weak and broken and bewildered.  We long for intimacy with Jesus, but are often distracted.  We are believing for the transformation of our city.  We are on a mission to the nations.  We are part of God’s family, and He is our loving Father.  We are dreamers.

Together we commit to strive with all our being to love God, love one another, and love the lost, the hurting, the poor of the world.  We confess that we cannot do this.  We commit to receiving the love of our Father.  We commit to abiding in Jesus as our first priority and our first method.

We are a people of prayer.  We pray because we long for intimacy with our Father.  We pray because we are desperate for the work of Jesus in our lives.  We pray because we long to see the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in our friends, in our city, and in the nations.

Jill and I have the honor of serving as leaders of this wonderful community.  We are filled with opportunities to disciple young men and women and mentor them in ministry.  We also have befriended a number of the outcasts and marginalized of our city — the homeless, addicted, mentally ill, and broken.  We have a vision of pressing in deeper to evangelize, disciple, and serve this growing group of friends.  The needs are immense, and sometimes the darkness seems impenetrable, but we are convinced of God’s power to redeem, and we long to see it.

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