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Boiler Room. What the…?

What is a 24-7 Prayer Boiler Room? Well, oddly enough, it’s not a room. In fact, it’s not even a building. It is a people. Specifically, we are a people centered on Jesus who strive to practice a rhythm of prayer, work, study, and celebration while living out a passionate life of mission. We have been captivated by God’s dream for the world, and are devoted to His plan of redemption.

We are committed to developing in the three loves: loving God, loving one another, and loving the lost and the poor. We seek to express this through six common practices:
* Prayer
* Creativity
* Hospitality
* Learning
* Mercy / Justice
* Mission

In Tulsa, we are just beginning, and are extremely excited about it. We gather every Friday night for what we call ‘simple church,’ a small group of friends who are learning to become family and pursue God’s vision for our community, city, and the nations. We are also praying together and seeking the Lord about how He would have us put the above six practices into our life as a people.

We are becoming deeply involved in a community in West Tulsa, and are endeavoring to practice incarnational mission here and in other parts of our city. We share Jesus’ love through a number of outreaches each week. We’re always on the look for more people to join us in these, so if you’re interested, let us know. We are on a journey to learn what it means to live in a radical, missional way in the midst of “normal” life. To be on mission at home.

As I mentioned, we are in the very beginning stages, so things feel a bit pioneer-ish. In other words, we really don’t have it together, and are not entirely sure what we’re doing. However, we are praying and learning and are determined to do it together through the love of Jesus and for the glory of His Name.

You can learn a little more about this deal, or contact us, at: http://tulsaboilerroom.com/


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