Tim and Jill Way

Adventures of the Way Family


In September of 2000 we had lived in Uganda for about four years.  We had spent what felt like very long months and years of struggling, learning, failing, believing, doubting, and growing.  We were beginning to truly love Uganda and its people in a deep and significant way.  Just two months before, God had stepped in and changed the direction of our ministry in Uganda, and we were apprehensive, excited, and bewildered.  We found ourselves in the little town of Masaka, about two hours to the West of our Kampala home.  We had come for the beginning of what we called the Believers School of Ministry (BSM).

That first week of September was one of the most significant in my life so far.  Our pioneer group of students gathered for the first step in a two-year journey together.  It seemed a rag-tag crew to me, but I loved them from the first.  Maybe because I was finally learning what a ragamuffin in need of God’s grace I was myself.  Twelve students stuck the course out for two years, and in 2002 our first graduating class proudly received their certificates, as we prayed over them and commissioned them for the work ahead.

Six of the twelve graduates joined Jill and me in forming a ministry to the church in Uganda that is still bearing fruit.  Kayita.  Kintu.  Jacque.  Kasozi.  Tushabe.  Nabimanya.  These became our dedicated team, our trusted friends, our precious family.  Together we began training leaders, making disciples, proclaiming the Gospel, and planting churches all over western Uganda.  In 2004 we graduated 72 more students from three different schools.  By 2006 I had returned to the US with my family, but the expansion continued, and students were being taught in 7 village schools of ministry, staffed by 21 volunteer teachers.

The years 2006 through 2010 have been fruitful and very difficult.  Kayita, who was leading the team in Uganda, died unexpectedly.  Other trials followed, and the work slowed, but continued.  I have traveled to Uganda five times during this period in order to encourage and follow-up, and I am more deeply committed to this team and the church in Uganda than ever.

And now, ten years down the road, we are dreaming again.  I feel God compelling me to remember.  Remember what He slipped into my heart a decade ago.  That this work would be used not only in southern Uganda, but in the North as well – and  even more, into Congo, Sudan and beyond.  I still dream of being part of building God’s Kingdom in places of desperate darkness, and I still believe He longs to thrust the Ugandan church into his mission of redemption for the nations.  Thus, with God’s grace, I am planning to travel to Uganda again and share this vision with the churches there.  I am believing that we will witness a missionary movement that will impact East and North Africa with the love and truth of Jesus.

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