Tim and Jill Way

Adventures of the Way Family


Every Monday Jill has a meeting at 1:00, and she brings Philip and Hannah to me so I can look after them.  She packs them a lunch, and we eat it in the coffee shop where I work.  On rare occasions I make hot chocolate for them as a treat to go with the sandwiches and fruit.  Philip always asks for this, but for some reason the answer has been consistently ‘no’ for the past couple months.  Two or three Mondays ago when I saw the van pull in, I went out to the parking lot to help the kids out of the car as usual.  Philip burst out of his car seat, and with a big smile said these amazing words as he wrapped his arms around my neck, “Daddy, I’m not even going to ask you today.  I just want to be with you.”  Gulp.

In recent weeks I’ve heard my Heavenly Father whisper that He would love a similar experience with me and my friends.  Could we simply want to be with Him – no agenda, no needs, no agonizing over getting direction?  Those are all good and valid, but sometimes could we stop and realize that to be with our loving Father is better than all the hot chocolate in the world?  Sometimes could we put striving away and simply adore Him?  Could we look beyond all that He could do, and see Him?  As I read John 15, I realize that being with Him and being full of His love is in fact our greatest calling.  “Abide in me, and I will abide in you” (Jn 15:4).  Just abide.  Live.  Remain.  Be with.  Accept His love and His presence.  Listen as Jesus calls us His friends, and confides to us the things that are in His heart.  Accept His great love, and confess that it is enough.  This is glory!

Oh — you’d better believe they got hot chocolates that day.  With extra whipped cream and chocolate on top!


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