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24-7 Prayer

Could God really be calling us to fill an entire week with unbroken prayer, day and night? Is it really worth it to get up in the middle of the night to fill an hour slot in a prayer room? We think so. In fact, we’re totally convinced.

It feels like at this point I am supposed to promise that God will meet you there in a special way. That there will be miracles. That your life will be touched, maybe forever altered. That you’ll love it. That the sixty minutes you committed to will seem like six as you revel in the Presence of the Almighty, and you’ll wish you had signed up for more time. Truthfully, these things regularly do happen in prayer rooms around the world, and I believe they will in West Tulsa as well. However, I am making no promises, other than that your Father likes it when you pray, and He listens and cares. And that it really does matter. It’s important.

My experiences in prayer rooms have been varied. Yes, there are times that have been very special, where I’ve felt something tingly and wonderful. There have been more times when I’ve felt sleepy and wondered what I was doing, and questioned the wisdom of signing up for the 3 am slot. But I’ve come to this conclusion: The real reason for this whole 24-7 Prayer thing has less to do with me than with God and His Kingdom. It doesn’t ultimately matter if I had a wonderful time or a very not wonderful time. Jesus wants us to pray. You and I have been invited into something that is so much bigger than us. We can actually contribute to the establishing and growing of the Kingdom of God in our city, and the primary way we do this is by praying. This is freakin exciting!

So, come and pray with us. Wonderful things will happen. Lives will be changed. Miracles will happen. The Kingdom is near!

We are committed to filling a solid week with unbroken prayer, going from October 23-30. We’d really love for you to join us. If you are interested in this, follow this link for information about how to sign up: www.tulsaboilerroom.com/prayer. Also, invite your friends, churches, student groups, etc. To help you do this, we’ve set up a Facebook event. Find that here, and feel free to invite others.

God bless you!


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