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24-7 Prayer: Redemption

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. – Lk 19:10

We pray because Jesus is worthy and we love to be with Him. We pray because we want to become more like Him. And we pray to change the world. Please make no mistake about this. Jesus is the only hope for a desperately broken and lost world, and He responds when His people pray.

I graduated from college almost twenty years ago, and on that auspicious day I set out to change the world. I was full of hope and idealistic zeal. Now I am married and have five children, and have allegedly reached a greater level of maturity. But I am still out to change the world, because Jesus is. He is all about redemption – bringing new life to situations filled with darkness and death. When I spend time with Him I feel His heart for the world that has forsaken Him and thrown itself into torment and pain and violence and perversion and evil. Oh, how He loves this world that is so intent on rebellion!

The only problem with changing the world is that it’s quite beyond me. Even if I try to focus my ambitions and try to change one life, I still find that I’m not up to the task. Crud. To be honest, I’m tired of powerless activity. Done with trying to make a splash, only to see the ripples eventually peter out to nothingness. I want to spend the rest of my life, whether that be five years or fifty, in bearing lasting fruit for the glory of the Father. And so (you already knew I was building up to this)… we pray.

As I write that simple word this morning it fills me with hope. Pray. It’s crazy. Something that used to be dreary is in danger of turning into an obsession. It’s still not always fun, but it is infused with purpose and friendship and glory. My friends and I are in the midst of a week of unbroken prayer for the transformation and redemption of our city and world. And I can honestly tell you that I believe it. I believe that God Himself has drawn us into this, and that He did so because He is up to something. He is active. He is reaching into our forgotten and broken neighborhood and bringing salvation. And He does this through prayer. I don’t get it. I can’t explain it. But I do believe it. God is at work!

Yes, God’s heart is to change the world. And through the work and delight and discipline of prayer, He calls us to join Him in it. It’s ridiculous. I love it! And I know that this praying-to-change-the-world thing will lead us into some crazy action as well (so stay tuned). He’ll help us to be the very answer to our prayers. What a God!

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