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24-7 Prayer: His Presence

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple. – Isaiah 6:1

I’m beginning to wonder if filling an entire week with prayer in a specific place is nuts. Ridiculous. Will it even happen? Why in the world?? Crazy. Unless…

Unless it’s because we want to be with Him. Because we long for Him. We love Him. And maybe there’s something even more significant – something so wonderful that I tremble to suggest it. Perhaps He Himself wants to be with us. With me. What if He is waiting for us? Wanting to reveal Himself to us as to the saints of old? Maybe he desires to share dreams and incite passions. Could it be that He wants to help us experience some of the love He has for the people around us? Perhaps He’s waiting to offer us grace and comfort and truth that we might freely give to others. My hunch is that He Himself is calling us, and that it is significant. Something in me suspects and dares to hope that He wants to pull us aside to tell us again that He loves us. I want to hear that.

Filling a week with prayer – including those long, lonely stretches throughout the night – only makes sense if we long for Him – or at least desire to long for Him. This is a sacrifice, and we unashamedly call you, our friends, to join us in it. Not because we guarantee your requests will be answered and your wildest dreams come true, but because He is worthy. He is beautiful and He is holy and He is good. I want to encounter God! Jesus is worth the effort to pursue and let Him know we love Him. He Himself is our greatest calling and our greatest privilege. Our great reward and most powerful ministry. We want to let Him know that we trust Him with our dreams and ambitions and schemes. Come with us and let’s discover Him.

As we commit to seek Him the last week of October, let us decide that we do so firstly because He loves us and we long for Him. Let us seek Him for His sake, worship Him because He is worthy, praise Him because He is glorious!

If you’d like more information on how to be part of the West Tulsa 24-7 Prayer week, go to: http://tulsaboilerroom.com/prayer or contact us at info@thebridgetulsa.com


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