Tim and Jill Way

Adventures of the Way Family


| May 4, 2011

Rebekah and I are planning to go to Uganda this summer!  We are looking to be there from July 20 – Aug 2.  While there, I will have the opportunity to meet with the leadership of the ministry Jill and I planted there by God’s grace.  This is a time of transition for them, and […]


| May 3, 2011

By God’s grace, I had the amazing privilege and joy of traveling to Reynosa, Mexico with three friends from the Tulsa Boiler Room, from March 24-28. We went as a scouting and prayer team to check out the possibility of sending a missionary there to begin a missional and discipleship community. We are very encouraged. […]

Pray for Kampala!

| May 1, 2011

Riots in Kampala! Opposition leader brutally arrested!  Security forces patrolling the streets! Protestors violently suppressed! With the events of the past months in nations like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and others, such news doesn’t even faze us.  But… this is Kampala!  And suddenly, for me, it’s all personal. I had my first experience of Kampala, […]