Tim and Jill Way

Adventures of the Way Family


| June 30, 2009

My last few days in Uganda were spent in Jinja — site of the Nile’s Source and the Palmer Tribe. Adam and Michelle Palmer are missionaries from Believers Church who went to live in Uganda in February of this year. They moved to Uganda when it became clear that this was the only way to […]

Bushenyi and Kabujogera

| June 20, 2009

Hello friends! How to describe these past days. Wow. On Wednesday morning we awoke early, and by 6:30 were bouncing along towards the western city of Mbarara and beyond. At 9:30 we enjoyed a Stoney (my favorite soda ever) in Mbarara, and shortly thereafter were off the main road heading into the mountains. We reached […]


| June 16, 2009

Today is Tuesday, June 16 (I think). Our 4th day in Uganda. Wow. After a good time in Kampala seeing friends and running errands, we made it to Masaka on Saturday afternoon. Masaka! Home! It felt so good, let me tell you. That night was so special. Israel, Tushabe (Fredrick), and Gerald all cxame over […]


| June 13, 2009

I wrote this on Saturday, June 13 — our first morning in Uganda. This morning jet lag had me awake at 4:00. When I was still wide awake at 5:00 I decided to get up and face the day. I walked outside and settled myself into a plastic chair on the verandah of the guest […]